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Ever wanted to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? 

What Is Boxing?

Originating in Greece around 668 BC, Boxing is known as one of the oldest sports. 

Boxing is a contest between two people, involving good amounts of fitness, reactions, speed and agility. Using attacking, defending, blocking and counter-fighting the aim of the game is to win in one of two ways: knock out your opponent or beat them on points. 

Why Choose Boxing?

Whether you want to compete, train for fun or keep fit, Boxing has a range of health benefits including improving balance and helping with posture, boosting your endurance and enhancing your upper-body and core strength. 

As well as the physical benefits, Boxing is also proven to help relieve muscle tension caused through mental stresses.

Here at the Sports Performance Centre, we understand that joining a new class or starting a new activity can be a daunting and is met with a certain amount of anxiety. 

But it is important to remember that EVERYONE starts the same way, every boxer will have started from the ground level and worked their way up - proving that anyone and everyone can work their way up.

Even the most well known boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Mike Tyson started from the bottom. 

Our Boxing facilities include:

  • 12ft Boxing Ring 

  • Variety of Punch Bags

  • Speedballs

  • A Free Weights Area with Slam Balls, Dumbbells, Barbells and Kettlebells. 

  • Skipping Ropes

  • Plyometric Boxes

  • Mirrored Workout Areas

  • Fully Air-Conditioned

  • Fully Matted Warm Up / Stretching Area

  • Fully Licensed & Experienced Coaches

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Class Schedule

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