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Sports performance centre founder


Del started his kickboxing career at the age of 10, when he first began training in Stourbridge. Throughout the years he worked and trained part time, before finally opening a full-time martial arts academy in the 1980s.

Since this time, Del has established himself as one of the most respected and successful martial arts coaches, training multiple World and European Champions over the years, and many of his students have gone on to establish their own successful martial arts clubs based on his teaching and training philosophy.


Martial Arts


'Our very own Jack of All Trades, and Mastered Them!'


Rich started his kickboxing career in full contact, before branching into light contact and points fighting.


Competing internationally, Rich's unorthodox fighting style has allowed him to revel in many successes and gain many titles including World Champion - as well as put on a show whilst doing so.

Rich's diverse background in kickboxing makes him an exceptional coach in points fighting and light contact, and an incredible full contact promoter.

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Female Kickboxing Competitor


Since training in kickboxing from the age of 3, Kasey has become a well-respected, well-accomplished competitor. 


During her time competing, Kasey has achieved an impressive amount of titles and accolades, the most recent of which was her achieving the World Champion title in Austria.

Her most notable achievement to date, other than her world titles - of which she has 8 - is being scouted for Team Revolution based in America, which will sponsor her in competing as a part of their team internationally.

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Shaun Cooper Boxing Champion


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Shaun Cooper was one of the UK's most highly talented young boxers, with his professional career starting in 1988.

Shaun had an impressive professional record of 16 wins and 0 losses, with his final professional fight ending by way of knock out in the 3rd round. 


Unfortunately, Shaun's career as a professional ended due to a combination of injuries and having to support a young family. 

But the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his years competing lead to him becoming a Professional Boxing coach in 2007. 




Darryl is a qualified personal and power plate trainer, and has been for the last 25 years.


He started working at his local gym at the age of just 16, gradually working his way up through the training business where he became the Fitness Manager at Fitness First. Working there for many years gaining a vast variety of experience and knowledge, and training a range of ages and abilities. 


For the last 12 years, Darryl has been a self-employed personal trainer and offers training in:

  • Freestyle Training

  • Boxing Training

  • Resistance Training

  • Core, Balance and Core Stability Training.  

Training all ages and levels of fitness, Darryl has been able to achieve great results for his clients. As well as training, Darryl is happy to speak with you in regards to any of your fitness goals.

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